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Don't eat gluten or dairy?

Street Feast’s seven food businesses help make it easy to eat well if you are intolerant to gluten or dairy products.

Some of the options on the menu are:

No gluten: Several rice bowls from SaPa Kitchen don't contain gluten and are full of veggies and protein too. Opt for a Stumpy's Pizza on a gluten-free base, or any burger from Jo Bros Burgers on a gluten-free bun (noting that some of these items may contain traces of gluten)

No dairy: At Stumpys The Chef's Favourite pizza has no cheese but does feature smoked salmon, basil, garlic, cherry tomatoes, onion & chilli flakes, (EVOO) Extra virgin olive oil. The SaPa Kitchen menu is dairy free.

No gluten and no dairy :The great news for Mexican lovers is that many of the Loco Bros menu items are no-gluten and no-dairy already. A range of Mar & Tierra meals are non-gluten, and most don't contain dairy either - but please confirm with the staff when you order.

And last but not least - Wen & Yen dessert bar has a delicious range of no-gluten and vegan options. Go on, treat yourself.

Tip: If you are coeliac or have a serious allergy to any food ingredient, please check with the staff before ordering.

Order online to dine in or takeaway at


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