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Just like other burgers only better

Yes it’s a big call, but as far as we can tell it’s spot on.

Brody Jenkins and Josh Barlow were top chefs working in fine dining restaurants when they set out to create a food business specialising in the humble burger.

The founders of Jo Bros Burgers met working at The Grove in Auckland’s CBD and discovered a mutual ambition to create their own business. To cut a long story short, in a matter of 18 months they launched their first food truck, resigned from their jobs and launched into the business full time.

They have never looked back. The Titirangi restaurant in Street Feast was their first brick and mortar endeavour, chosen in part because of the opportunity that Street Feast offered, and in part because of a personal connection with the area: Brody was born in Huia and went to Laingholm Primary School and Glen Eden Intermediate School.

They saw enough potential in Street Feast to create a second restaurant, Loco Bros Taqueria, offering the only genuine Mexican street food experience in West Auckland CHECK.

Lockdowns were a huge challenge but they persevered. Today Brody and Josh have four restaurants, including the two Titirangi sites, a store in Pt Chev and an 80s-style food trucks, employing ## staff.

Their menu is a mix of traditional American-style burgers made with quality New Zealand produce, fresh buns, and the famous JoBros signature sauce – with a mix of side dishes including salads, wedges and Buffalow Wings.

They’ve won our hearts and our tastebuds and we highly recommend a JoBros burger when you next want a great tasting and no-fuss takeaway or dine-in meal.


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