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Mexican food without the Kiwi twist

Mexican food from Loco Bros is exactly like Mexican food in Mexico. That is, it’s not Tex Mex. It’s not a Kiwi version of Mexican. There is not a buritto or sour cream topping in sight.

Loco Bros at Street Feast serves up genuine Mexican street food: high protein, served on fresh corn tortillas and packed with flavour.

And the owners – also founders of Jo Bros Burgers – encourage us to toss our preconceptions about Mexican cuisine aside and experience it.

“Burritos are not Mexican,” says Loco Bros co-founder Brody Jenkins. “Burritos were designed in Texas to make Mexican food a quick, on the go meal. We wanted to get away from American-style Mexican and offer a true Mexican menu.”

He says that real tacos are messy to eat. We can tell you tacos from Loco Bros are definitely that.

“Most of our tacos are braised meat, slow cooked in whole pieces. Our chickens are poached whole in stock and hand-pulled. The meat is mixed with our own Mexican spice. Our Pork Carnitas are made from chunks of pork belly and scotch shoulder, deep fried in pieces. We add vegetables to the braised milk and fresh condiments like onion and Jalapeño. The 100% natural tortilla are freshly made each week in the Hawkes Bay and you can taste the difference.”

Authenticity is everything for the former fine-dining chefs. “Our food is prepared and served the same way it’s done in Mexico. Mexico has a rich history and culture, and food is central to it. When Mexicans come here, they tell us our food is exactly like at home, and we love that.”

The Loco Bros Taqueria menu also offers fish and vegan options.


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