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Winning over the west

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Churly’s Rise, one of seven food and beverage operators within Titirangi’s Street Feast is all about the craft beer. And the lager, the wine and the cocktails – because what they do is match up what the people of Titirangi want with a great vibe and product offering.

The team are a friendly group aged under 30, live close by. They ooze energy and camaraderie, they alway seem to have time for a chat, and with impeccable professionalism they are doing a great job of helping to make Street Feast a popular place to hang out for a drink and a bite to eat.

Churly’s sprung from the Behemoth Brewing Company – a brewer of high-quality craft beers known for its slightly subversive and very clever marketing based in Mt Eden.

Ironically, while boutique craft beer is what they do best, at their micro-bar in Street Feast, Titirangi they sell just as much lager, wine and cocktails – because out here, that’s what people want.

“When we opened our doors we put in a feedback box and asked what people wanted. It worked really well and was very constructive, says General Manager Upokoina George-Yates. “We are here for the long-haul and we want to acknowledge the people that support us.”

The first two years have been tough at time thanks to the pandemic lockdowns but as time goes on, the formula at Churly’s has proven to be a great one and the newest bar in the village is definitely the best place to be for a relaxed drink, and maybe a meal.


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